Maximum performance for maximum safety

The DCXpert is specially designed to provide maximum security. The temperature and the relative humidity are constantly measured during the decontamination. The process itself is regulated based on the measurements. Therefore the results can be reproduced and the process can be validated.

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Quality controlled hygiene

The DCXpert stores operator, room and program in the decontamination protocol which makes decontaminations comprehensible at all times. The decontamination liquid DCXF-Fluid is monitored via RFID technology so that the only a correct liquid can be used in the correct program.

Fields of application

health care

Gesundheitswesen Anwendungsbereich des DCX


Loboratorium Dekontamination DCX

pharmaceutical industry

pharma industrie dekontamination dcx

animal stables

Dekontamination Tierstallungen Hygiene DCX

green houses

Dekontamination Schimmel Gewächshaus

food industry

Lebensmittel Industrie Dekontamination