DCXpert – Disinfection Control Extended

As the quality requirements and standards have increased over time, resources and personnel are becoming scarcer. Hospital infections are not a relic of days gone by. Even today every 10th patient is infected in a healthcare environment by a so called nosocomial infection. Additionally, multi resistant pathogens are on the rise which is why new technologies and hygiene solutions are more necessary than ever.

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Mobile decontamination

How does the decontamination work?

The DCXpert room and surface decontamination is an innovative product developed in Austria. DCXpert is used for validated decontaminations of rooms. In the process DCXF fluid is vaporized in a micro aerosol with particles of a diameter <1 micron. Everything runs at room temperature. The active ingredient DCXF fluid consisting of 7.5% hydrogen peroxide, which is not classified as hazardous good and decomposes completely into water and oxygen. A reduction of the microorganisms up to 6 logs can be achieved easily depending to the environmental conditions. The decontamination with low concentrated H2O2 – micro aerosols also has excellent compatibility for a variety of materials, electronic equipment and electrical systems.

Fields of application

Basically DCXpert should be used wherever a bioburden means an increased risk for patients, staff or visitors, which can be in many different areas. Food industry, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, kindergartens and many more can benefit from better hygiene and surface disinfection with DCXpert.