EOS 3D-imaging

Full-body images without stiching

The EOS System allows full-body images of a standing patient in one single scan without stitching or vertical distortion. Both frontal and lateral views of chosen lengths can be obtained simultaneously.

EOS Imaging Logo

EOS combines a full-body scan of a standing patient with low radiation dose and the possibility of 3D reconstruction of the musculoskeletal system (spine, hip and lower extremities) which lead to unprecedented diagnostic information. With the EOS system you can answer orthopedic problems using a detailed analysis of the posture with accurate length and angle calculation and you can start planning operation in 3D and reduce radiation dose.

EOS Dose

Lower radiation dose

The radiation dose can be reduced drastically up to 10 times by the Nobel Prize winning technology of the detector and the innovative linear scanning method of EOS compared to conventional X-ray systems – without compromises in image quality.

Plan your operations in 3D

The 3D reconstruction is based on the simultaneous medial and lateral images that are taken by EOS. This enables highly accurate clinical parameter (lengths and angles) that can be used to plan operations in 3D. Thus, for example every single vertebral body can be determined in its position. Even the 3D-reconstruction of implants is possible.