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Data Analytics with Volpara

Volpara AnalyticsTM is a cost-effective, mission-critical tool that helps your team to improve the quality in mammography examination. Volpara Analytics provides you a simple dashboard with the key performance indicators and metrics mammography.

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All data at a glance

All data is automatically extracted from the digital mammography and tomosynthesis systems. You can do cross-referencing of patient groups, as well as comparisons of your mammography systems and radiology technologist. The obtained data will help you quickly identify irregularities and show you the possibilities for quality improvements.

Made for Screening Centers

The Volpara Analytics software is web-based, so you can access the data quickly and easily over the Internet. Screening centers can use quantitative information with Volpara Analytics to improve their quality assurance and resource planning, in order to ensure a better care for the future of your ordination or patients. Volpara Analytics works with 1 to 10 mammographies at once.