Planmed Verity


The verity is a mobile cone beam CT system for extremities and maxillo facial scan. The high image quality makes even the finest micro fractures visible. Verity features intuitive software that provides high resolution image data while being faster than conventional MDCT systems and uses much less radiation dose. Moreover, the Verity only needs a 220V power outlet which gives the possibility to plug and use it in any room you like as long as the radiation shielding is sufficient.

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Planmed Verity

Modern, fast, accurate

Micro fractures are very difficult to see or even are invisible on conventional X-ray images. As a result patients are treated too late or will be dismissed with incomplete diagnosis or treatment.

Maximum flexibility – Maximum comfort for your patients

Furthermore, you can get a maximum in flexibility with the adjustable gantry. Even examinations while standing are possible. The gantry can be adjusted perfectly to your and your patient’s needs and thanks to the elegant upholstery it will offer your patients more comfort. Benefit from shorter examination times, modern analysis methods and a contemporary modern appearance which has already received many awards.