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Bone Structure Analysis

The trabecular microarchitecture is a reliable source of information regarding disease and progression. This parameter is independent of any traditional assessment such as visual and semi-quantitative ratings. Unlike conventional analysis methods, the Image Biopsy Lab technology is designed to obtain and use texture information of 2D radiographs. This information represents a promising method to assess the condition of the bone.

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Discover even the smallest changes in the trabecular bone structure with the unique deep learning algorithm of IB Lab . The Image Biopsy Lab technology uses fractal mathematics to assess and evaluate very complex pixel textures.

Bone Structure Value

To calculate the Bone Structure Value (BSV) single or multiple regions of interests (ROIs) are placed inside the X-ray image depending on the anatomical region. This calculation process is fully automatic. The Image Biopsy Lab analysis of conventional digital X-ray images provides additional information for osteoporosis or osteoarthritis that cannot be detected with traditional methods such as BMD measurement or visually. ImageBiopsy Lab visualizes the changes in the bone before the naked eye can see them.