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Joint space width analysis

The joint space width (JSW) between Tibia and Femur stores plenty of information which can be helpful for orthopedics to evaluate the assessment of osteoarthritis while the joint space width between the finger bones is used to evaluate the assessment of rheumatoid arthritis. The common method to measure the JSW is to plot the minimum distances manually for medial and lateral. However, this manual measurement provides several inaccuracies due to the manually chosen measurement points and the choice of the horizontal measurement range.

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Follow-Up evaluation

The ImageBiopsy Lab software provides an automatic contour detection. The identified areas are defined by geometric elements which size is proportional to the width of the Tibia itself. Thus the identified areas are always relatively of the same size for each patient. Any changes of the JSX will be documented as “Rate of Change” (ROC).

Kellgren & Lawrence Score

The innovative algorithm of ImageBiopsy Lab is vendor neutral. Therefore, any digital X-ray of the knee can be used if it fits the requirements. Once the image is uploaded into the software, JSx calculates fully automatic the joint space width. Additionally, the Kellgren & Lawrence Score is evaluated semi-automatically.