infection control

Quality controlled hygiene made in Austria

Standard hygiene measures are done without or hardly any test to ensure quality control. The DCX airborne disinfection of room and surface offers an easy solution to get reproducible valid results.

Hygiene quality cannot be achieved with any manually standard measures. In today’s massively increasing demands for quality standards, any not validatable process remains a huge safety risk for patients and hospital staff.

DCX technology certified european standard test method EN17272

What is the secret of DCX air disinfection?

DCX systems such as DCXplus (smallest device) and DCXpro vaporize a special designed hydrogen peroxide solution. Furthermore, H2O2 micro-aerosols also offer excellent compatibility for a variety of materials, electronic devices and electrical systems, which means that electronically devices may remain inside the treated room.

               Video >> How DCX dry vaporisation works

Microareosol DCX decontaminatiom

Micro Aerosols

The patented technology creates very small particles (micro-aerosols) with less than 1 µm in diameter which decontaminates the air and all enclosed surfaces. The DCX  disinfection process prevents unwanted condensation due to the dry and cold vaporized DCXF-disinfection Fluid (DCX Fluid). 

Invest in high-tech instead of paying more for infection control in the long run

Safety and cost-reduction are getting more and more important. However, one small investment in high-tech hygiene equipment may pay off pretty fast. Depending on the environment DCX quality-assured disinfection may reduce working time, materials used for disinfection, administrative work, production losses and nosocomial infections or coronavirus pandemic such as SARS-Cov-2

Fields of application

health care:

Gesundheitswesen Anwendungsberreich des DCX


rettung anwendungsberreich dekontamination


flugzeug dekontamination

public transport:


Labor Dekontamination DCX

animal stables:

Tierstallung Dekonatmination DCX


Container Dekontamination DCX

green houses:

Gewächshaus Dekonatmination DCX

cantine kitchen:

Großkuche Dekontamination DCX