Our partners

Our partners

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With its innovative EOS x-ray system, the French company EOS imaging has a 10 times lower radiation dose than conventional x-ray systems. The “linear scanning technology” of EOS makes simultaneous AP and lateral whole body images without stitching possible.

Planmed is headquartered in Finland and products like the “CB-CT Verity” and the full-digital mammography “Clarity” (including tomosynthesis) are included in Braincon’s product variation. The mobile and digital volume tomography “Verity” revolutionizes 3D imaging of extremities with high quality images and lower radiation dose.

Volpara is based in New Zealand and is a leading provider of breast imaging analytics and analysis products that improve clinical decision-making and the early detection of breast cancer. The breast density measurement software “Volpara Analytics & Volpara Dose” is a supporting analysis tool for conventional digital mammography examination.

The Austrian company, headquartered in Vienna, specializes in the field of surface and room decontamination. The mobile decontamination unit DCX works with a patented dry vaporization technology, based on hydrogen peroxide disinfection fluid and is used wherever dangerous germs can occur. In hospital sector, public transport sector, food industry, schools and nursing homes.

The Viennese start-up developed together with Braincon a unique software solution for an objective evaluation and follow-up of rheumatic diseases such as osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and bone diseases such as osteoporosis (OP). This patented technology is ideal for all X-ray examination of the knee including follow-up studies.

iCAD Inc. is a US- market leader in advanced breast cancer detection solutions built on artificial intelligence, that enable radiologists to find cancers earlier while improving reading workflow. The PowerLook Breast Health Solutions suite delivers powerful detection and workflow solutions for 2D and 3D mammography.