IB Lab James

James your personal assistant

James is accurate, mobile and easily adjustable. James is your personal assistant for standardization and reproducibility of X-ray examination of the knee. Gone are the days where every knee x-ray image was taken with different knee angles. This patented technology allows reproducibility up to 99%.

James by IB Lab

One small step for your patient, one giant leap for your diagnosis.

James IB Lab Positionierungshilfe

How it works

Easy positioning within a few seconds is possible. Step in; lean against James; wait the acoustic signal; make the X-ray image. Combine James with other innovative solutions such as Image Biopsy Lab Analyzer Software or BMA software and get more detailed information such as a fully automatic calculation of the Joint Space Width, Rate of Change or area under curve.

Examine without compromise

James combines the imaging accuracy with reproducibility. Therefore, X-ray images of the Joint Space Width are now comparable. Benefit in many different ways such as reducing motion blur and motion artifacts. James offers several setting to ideally adapt to your need, whether changes of the inclination angle of the tibia or the rotation of the foot.

James Positionierungshilfe