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The Austrian company ImageBiopsy Lab/ IB Lab offers unique solutions for an objective evaluation and follow-up of rheumatic diseases such as osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and bone diseases such as osteoporosis (OP). The Image Biopsy Lab software solutions are vendor independent which means that all digital X-ray images can be used if the specifications are met. The JSx Software calculates fully automated the Joint Space Width and the Kellgren & Lawrence Score semi-automatic.

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Reproducibility rate above 96,1%

The best way to get reproducible and comparable data is to do x-ray images with a positioning device. Image Biopsy Lab has developed the smart assistant James which allows reproducible results of the Joint Space Width. This patented technology is ideal for all x-ray examination of the knee whether in follow-up studies or for studies.

Analysis of the bone microarchitecture

The software for analysis of the bone microarchitecture is already available for research purposes and it is already used internationally. As up to date the evaluation and analysis of bone microarchitecture was done only in two possible ways: CT scan and biopsy. These two methods have serious disadvantages such as high radiation dose (CT scan) or invasive surgery (biopsy). Therefore, these two methods unsuitable for the purpose to screen in a routine screening a larger number of patients in order to assess the patients personal osteoporosis and fracture risk.

Furthermore the innovative solutions of ImageBiopsy Lab which is called BMA can calculate the bone microarchitecture non-invasive using a simple knee x-ray image. BMA evaluates the trabecular structure of the bone. This information of the trabecular structure provides important information of osteoarthritis. By combining those two independent software solutions (JSx and BMA) provides an as yet unprecedented information about the condition of the bone and joint diseases. It all sound so complicated and yet it is so simple: import an x-ray image from the knee into the Image Biopsy Lab software and it will do the rest for you.